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Icon-Log In   Federal Work-Study Placement Steps
Welcome! Learn about the Employment process at City Tech College.

  Federal Work-Study Orientation and Review
You must complete orientation before you are placed on a job
Icon-Log In   Required Forms and How to upload forms Click here
Download all required forms here.
Student/Employee information, FERPA, Statement of Understand Addendum, I-9, W-4, IT2104/IT2104E, NYS LABOR STANDARD
Icon-Log In   Apply for a Job ON-Campus and OFF-Campus
Conduct either quick or advanced searches for available jobs. Submit an online job application.
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Apply for a job with Public Service Corps (DCAS) (off-Campus)Icon-Log In

For more info, click link: NYC Public Service Corps Handbook and Watch the video below

Icon-Log In   Public Service Corps (PSC) Video
Watch a video about the vital experience earned as an intern for PSC
  Frequently Asked Questions
Questions about JobX, TimesheetX, the job registration process or our employment processes in general? Check out our FAQ's to help answer your questions.
Icon-Log In   Manage JobMail
Be the first to know when jobs matching your criteria become available. 
Product   Access Student Email Account
Access your City Tech Email Account.
Manual   Career Development
Visit City Tech's Career Development Center
Located: Namm Building Atrium 114.



User Dashboard
Click here to review jobs you've recently applied for and to update your JobMail Subscription

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2020 - 2021 Payroll Schedule                                                                     View payroll cycles. Check your timesheet due dates and the dates your check will be issued. 

19 - 20  Payroll Schedule & Guidelines 
Learn about payroll policies and procedures. Check your timesheet due dates and the dates your checks will be issued.

  FWS Student Training Presentation
Click here to review a customized training PowerPoint on how to apply for jobs via our new and exciting JobX and TimesheetX employment solutions.
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   Instructions on how to view your W-2 on CUNYfirst 
   View and download your FWS W-2

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Sign-up for Direct Deposit
Have your FWS check electronically deposited into your personal checking or savings account.

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   View your Time Sheet on CUNYfirst 
   Click here to access your Pay Stubs in  CUNY  First Self-Service. 

Icon-Log In   View your Time Sheet on Next Gen site
Click here to access your online timesheet via TimesheetX.  
Icon-Log In   Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)
Icon-Log In   Request Verification Letter
Icon-Log In   Students Rights and Responsibilities
Icon-Log In   Frequently Asked Questions
Have questions? Click here